Integrating Bash on Windows(Linux subsystem) into VSCode

VSCode is the best code editing software, which has a lot of useful features for increasing productivity

Now i am gonna say how we can integrate Bash on Ubuntu on Windows in VSCode

step 1: open your VSCode
step 2:open the settings from (File => Preferences => User Settings) or use command pallet for windows (ctrl+shift+p) open the settings json file

step 3:
add the following line and save
“”: “C:\\Windows\\sysnative\\bash.exe”

A Day with Manjaro

Finally spend a full day with Manjaro Linux
At least got rid of my unstable ubuntu and tried to install new liux and deleted all my important files by mistake thanks for my cloud backup (i can install without physical backup :) ).
Thought that it would be same as ubuntu forgot that it has packman now i am tring hard to install all my software again :( .Anyways manjaro is a good linux distro.
Anyways vscode is one of the most used software so to find how to install click here

However My friend just told me that we can do it easily with paman(Package Manager)
by just enabling AUR and install VS-Code.
Find my friends blog here

Install VS-Code in Manjaro Linux

VS-Code is one of my favorate code editing software

Following steps are to install vs code in Manjaro distro

step 1:Downloading Visual Studio Code Package download the Visual Studio Code Package for 64-bit Linux Operating System from the Microsoft server

# mkdir /tmp/vscode; cd /tmp/vscode/
# wget

step 2:Extract the Package
Now, after we have successfully downloaded the zipped package of Visual Studio Code, we'll gonna extract it using the unzip command to /opt/directory. To do so, we'll need to run the following command in a terminal .

# unzip /tmp/vscode/ -d /opt/

step 3:Running Visual Studio Code we can launch code from out terminal

this line will change the permission to run vscode

# sudo chmod +x /opt/VSCode-linux-x64/Code

this is actually to run

# sudo /opt/VSCode-linux-x64/Code

If we want to launch Code and want to be available globally via terminal in any place

# ln -s /opt/VSCod…

Running (pre-loaded)Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

Running Linux systems on Virtual Box is more safer for Beginner.Virtual Box is a free software from oracle which can be downloaded from here The pre installed Linux Image for Machine Learning can be downloaded from from following link
The following steps are to load the virtual machine in Virtual box which is preloaded

step 1  Make a new Virtual machine:       open the virtual box software and click on new
 Name the VM(virtual machine) set the name and type as Linux/windows and choose the distribution you use or set as other as default set the suitable memory size for the vm: its better to keep at least 1 GB if possible for hard disk choose use existing hard disk and use the file button to navigate to the folder where the  vm is downloaded and hit create start the machine there we have 

Don't feel crazy with this 
Just wait a while :)
Hears the vm successfully running :) leave a comment for any further support

Officialy Linux years on Windows

finally we can install linux rigth from our store ....Very happy to see different variations and still adding.

KTU CGPA Calculator


Bubble Sort

Program to sort the list of names in alphabetic order using Bubble sort.

#define max 25
void sort(char *(a)[max],int n)
  int i,j;
  char temp[max];
void main()
  int i,n;
  char *(str)[max];
  printf("Enter no of names to enter:" );
  scanf("%d",&n );
  printf("Enter the names:\n" );
    scanf("%s",str[i] );
  printf("Names after the sort \n" );
  printf("%s\n",str[i] );